648 MW, Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu

One of the World's Largest single location solar power project was commissioned by the Adani Group at Kamuthi, in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of around INR 45.5 billion. It spans a vast area of 2,500 acres, equivalent to about 950 Olympic-sized football fields. The massive plant comprises 2.5 million solar modules, 380,00 foundations, 30,000 tonnes of structure, 6000 km of cables, 576 inverters and 154 transformers. The entire facility was completed within a record eight months by nearly 8,500 dedicated personnel who worked day and night to set up this 648 MW clean energy plant. The Kamuthi plant is now fully operational and connected with the 400 kV substation of Tantransco, powering 265,000 homes in a suitable manner.

648 MW Capacity