Delivering Excellence

With major thrust on data analytics, a key enabler for delivering excellence, we have rolled out several initiatives including Remote Operations Nerve Center (RONC), a cloud-based platform which adopts machine learning, uses drones for monitoring project progress and digital asset mapping, and geospatial technologies for surveys and others.

We are leveraging business intelligence tools to improve our O&M practices. We are also utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS technologies for automated inventory control, asset tracking and maintenance, productivity enhancement and compliance management.

Our customized tools are designed for providing consistent superior performance than industry standards e.g. DDS for measuring soiling loss and optimizing module cleaning cycle, measuring module-level power electronics to identify issues affecting generation, real-time tilt monitoring of our tracker based plants configured as North South and Tilt angle gain comparison for seasonal tracking plants, enabling adoption of multiple tilts to maximize generation beyond the usual 2-3 angles in a year.

We are developing VR-based training modules for safe plant maintenance and also deploying CCTV-based alert system for safety compliance.

We encourage vendors to partner with us in developing automated/semi-automated water-based and waterless module cleaning system to achieve sustainable plant operations by reducing water consumption.

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Live feed for the day


Solar Power Generation Capacity

(as of 12:01 AM & 21/09/2019 IST)


Net Units Feed to Grids

(as of 11:15 PM & 21/09/2019 IST)


Capacity Utilisation Factor

(as of 11:55 PM & 20/09/2019 IST)


Performance Ratio

(as of 11:15 PM & 21/09/2019 IST)


Plant Availability

(as of 11:00 AM & 21/09/2019 IST)


Energy Yield

(as of 11:15 PM & 21/09/2019 IST)

NOTE: The above feed has been obtained using our state-of-the-art operational performance monitoring tool RONC that captures data from all managed solar power plants. For total operational capacity, refer to this page.

Live Power Generation Graph