• AGEL’s 700 MW wind-solar hybrid plant becomes fully operational at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

  • The hybrid plant is designed to deliver CUF of minimum 50%

  • AGEL’s operating wind-solar hybrid portfolio now reaches 2,140 MW, continuing to be the largest in the world

Ahmedabad, 3 March 2023: Adani Green Energy Ltd (AGEL), the renewables arm of the Adani Group, now has its fourth wind-solar hybrid power plant fully operational at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and the asset has been capitalized. The combined operational generation capacity of this newly added hybrid power plant is 700 MW and has a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at Rs 3.24/kwh for 25 years.


This new hybrid power plant consists of a combination of 600 MW solar and 510 MW wind plants. The latest hybrid plant deploys advanced renewable technologies like bifacial solar PV modules and horizontal single-axis trackers (HSAT) systems to enable maximum electricity generation from solar energy. The plant is co-located and is designed to deliver CUF of minimum 50%, the highest CUF of any renewable project in India. The plant harnesses the potential of renewable energy by resolving intermittency of the generation and provides a more reliable solution to meet the rising power demand. With this, AGEL’s operating wind-solar hybrid portfolio has now reached 2,140 MW, continuing to be the largest in the world.


With the successful operationalisation of the 700 MW plant, the world’s largest wind-solar hybrid power plant, AGEL now has the largest operating renewable portfolio in India with 8,024 MW. The plant is housed under AGEL’s 100% subsidiary, Adani Hybrid Energy Jaisalmer Four Limited.


Earlier in May 2022, AGEL had operationalised India’s first hybrid power plant of 390 MW. This was followed by the commissioning of the world’s largest co-located hybrid power plant of 600 MW in September 2022 and the third hybrid power plant of 450 MW in December 2022. All three of these hybrid energy generation assets are located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.