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  • renewable energy companies

    India’s largest single location solar plant

    648 MW: Set up in record eight months at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu

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  • bathinda

    Horizontal single axis tracker (HSAT) power plant

    100 MW: India’s largest HSAT power plant at Bathinda, Punjab

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  • Whyalla Renewable Power Generation


    Aiming for 1.5 GW renewable power generation capacity by 2022

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  • renewable power generation

    The way forward

    10+ GW of renewable power generation by 2022

map solar

Solar Power

1858 MW

In Operation

170 MW

Under Construction


Wind Power

60 MW

In Operation

412 MW

Under Construction

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  • Solar energy companies in india

    Solar energy portfolio lighting up 900,000 homes

  • Wind energy companies

    100+ MW of Wind energy projects under development

Largest renewable solar parks Rajasthan

Joint venture with the Government of Rajasthan

One of the world’s largest solar parks planned in Rajasthan, India, in association with the Government of Rajasthan

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